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3 Very Good Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

3 very good reasons to hire a lawyer:

Yes, there are some!  

Now, not every issue requires the use of a lawyer. You could definitely fight a speeding ticket on your own, and even possibly represent yourself in small claims court. However, in many other situations that involve a legal dispute, whether it be civil or a family matter, you may not wish to deal with it alone - for MANY reasons.  

1.   Law is COMPLICATED!

Improper filings, missing deadlines etc. could not only hurt or delay your case, but could result in the matter being thrown out entirely!

2.  Negotiate

Lawyers are experienced with cases like yours. They can guide you to negotiate a fair settlement, or they have the knowledge to know if your matter is best to go to trial.

3.  Save money

A civil case could hurt you financially, and a criminal case could determine whether or not you spend time behind bars.

In the end, everyone's situation is different, but failing to work with a lawyer in certain circumstances can lead to bad negotiations, void agreements, lost claims and even prison time.  Eek!

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