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3 Very Good Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

Yes, there are some!  

Now, not every issue requires you to hire a lawyer. You could definitely fight a speeding ticket on your own and even possibly represent yourself in small claims court. If you’re in Ontario, you can also save some coin by hiring a paralegal for many legal issues.

However, for countless other situations that involve a legal dispute, whether it be a civil or family matter, you may not wish to deal with it alone - for many, MANY reasons - but here are just three of them because let’s face it, if this post is too long you won’t read it anyways.. and if you still don’t want to read it, see the ‘TL;DR’ at the bottom of this page. :)

3 Good Reasons to Hire a Lawyer, Regardless of Your Legal Issue!

1.   Law is COMPLICATED!

However intelligent or competent you may be (and we don’t doubt that you are), unless you are a lawyer yourself, there is a lot you may not know when it comes to legal procedures. Heck, even lawyers sometimes make mistakes. When you are involved in a legal issue, it is not the time to take chances! Improper filings, missed deadlines, incorrect terms (should we go on?) could not only hurt or delay your case, but could result in the matter being thrown out entirely!

2.  Negotiate, Negotiate, Renegotiate

Lawyers are experienced with cases like yours. They have the knowledge to know if your matter will be best concluded by going to trial or if avoiding court completely is in your best interest. A good lawyer might be able to guide you to negotiate a fair settlement without the need for court or they might advise you to accept a settlement out of court even when it seems unfair to you. It may not be the result you hoped for, but it may be better than what would have happened in court or cost you less financially all said and done. Who knows? Well, good lawyers do! And that is why we use them.

In most cases, avoiding the court room can save you time, money, and most importantly, a lot of unnecessary stress.

3.  Save money, or better yet, your freedom!

A civil case could hurt you financially and, even worse, a criminal case could determine whether or not you spend time behind bars! If you read our advice in points 1 and 2, it’s probably obvious that hiring a lawyer will lead to a smoother outcome, and often financial savings even with the cost for a lawyer, but if your freedom is on the line, you’re definitely going to want a lawyer on your side.

In the end, everyone's situation is different, but failing to hire a lawyer in certain circumstances could lead to bad negotiations, void agreements, lost claims or even prison time.  Eek!



You’re more likely to regret not getting a lawyer than getting a lawyer, regardless of what legal issue you’re facing (unless you’re this person – sorry anonymous Lawggle user).


Convinced? Find your perfect lawyer match now, and don’t wonder later how things might have resolved if you had!

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