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legal issues are stressful.

So is finding the right legal pro... but it shouldn't have to be. Lawggle makes it fast, easy and non-threatening - like an online dating site, but without the awkward moments!

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Going from website to website to find what you need is time consuming! Our no BS search engine gives you ONLY relevant results in your area.

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No problem! Lawggle's team of professionals know the legal system, and we can help! We guide you to the right legal pro so you can feel confident you’re getting the help you really need.

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Depending on your legal issue, you might need a lawyer, notary, paralegal, process server, or court agent - we list them all! We make it easy for you to browse your options so you can make the best choices.

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Lawggle strives to make the usually intimidating process of getting legal help easy and communicative. Just send a quick message through the profile of the legal pro you choose, and you'll quickly find out how they can provide you with the best service.

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When you have a legal issue, you want it resolved fast. Our team is there to support you and make sure you get a quick response, so you can put your legal issues behind you sooner and get back to your life.

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We list a lot of languages, but none of them are legalese! All the info on our site is written for you, so you’ll never have to feel confused.

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We only list active members who are available for new clients to ensure you get the best possible experience!

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it's FrEE!

Lawggle matches you with legal professionals for free, and there's no sign up required!

We make it S-I-M-P-L-E!

We create connections between you and reliable legal pros by opening up conversations and helping you find the answers you need!

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