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How to Make Your Online Profile Stand Out

When potential clients look for experienced professionals to connect with, your profile is the all important first impression. It’s how you show them that you're the one for the job, or the one to win them over with your winning personality!

Take some time with it, and make it unique. We recommend breaking the rules! Have fun - make it more personal or casual. That is what will make you stand out above the rest!

Talk about your professional successes, but include some of your personal successes, too! Potential clients not only want to know you have the right experience to help them with their case, but they also want to know you are the right one for them. Our users look for authenticity.

Make sure to include a profile pic! Having a profile photo makes your profile at least 20x more likely to get viewed.

Link your social media profiles. We’ll tag you in all the social plug posts we do for you! This is a great way for you to share with your audience and gain more visibility!

*Pro Tip* Studies show that when someone only reads about you, finding out they have things in common with you boosts your likeability! So, if your favorite food is blueberry pancakes, or you hated the show Game of Thrones, say so! Actually, maybe don’t say that last one… but you get the idea!

Follow these tips, and you’ll be well on your way to landing that lead!

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