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How to Find the Best Lawyer (For You)

When you are looking for a good lawyer, whatever your legal needs, it is important that you follow these steps to figure out what type of lawyer you need and what kind of lawyer you want, because just like not everyone has the same favourite sushi roll, there isn’t one lawyer who will be the best for everyone. It’s important you choose a lawyer YOU can work with. 

Here are some tips for how to choose the best lawyer (for you):

1. Figure out what type of lawyer you need.

  • First things first! Sometimes this is simple. You were injured in a car accident? Look for a personal injury lawyer. You’re getting a divorce? You need a family/divorce lawyer. Sometimes, though, it is way more complicated, and there are so many different areas of law and specialties it can be hard to figure out!
  • You need a lawyer that has expertise in the right field of law for your situation, and knowing this before you start your search can save you a ton of time. If you don’t know what type of Lawyer you need, you can try to research it yourself online, or simply ask us at Lawggle! 

2. Now that you know what type of lawyer is best for you, start searching! …But where?

  • Ask friends and family. BUT only pursue recommendations for lawyers who have experience in the right area of law.  If your cousin Riley has a friend who might give you a discount, but they have no experience with your type of legal problem, the discount won’t be worth it!
  • Search Google. Your search will likely come up with a lot of ads followed by many websites to browse. There are so many lawyers out there and searching for a suitable one for you is a daunting and time-consuming task. *Important note: If you go this route, DO NOT choose based on anonymous reviews.  Reviews based on personal experience are subjective and not necessarily reliable or relevant. Not to mention, negative reviews are generally posted more often than positive!*
  • Check lawyer directories. There are lots of lawyer directories out there, including ones from the Law Society for each province. These will typically lead you right back to researching on Google.
  • Search Lawggle! Searching the Lawggle database will bring up results for the right type of legal pro in your area! Browse each profile to see who feels like the best fit for you and get in contact with them by clicking the Let’s Talk button right on their profile!

3. Now that you have a shortlist, start conducting interviews!

  • That’s right! You’re the boss, and you get to choose who you feel is best for the job!

5 important things to consider when hiring a lawyer:


  • Do they have experience with similar matters?
  • Do they specialize in the field of law in which you require assistance?
  • How were their results?

Their Team

  • Who else might be working on your file?

Rates and Additional Costs

  • Can you afford them? 
  • Are there additional costs? 
  • What is the payment schedule like? 
  • *Keep in mind that a very high rate doesn’t mean they will be the best, but a very low rate could mean inexperience*


  • Did they answer your questions fully and in a timely manner?

Comfort Level (Yours!)

  • Will you be comfortable working with this person?
  • Did they make you feel like your case will be a priority to them?
  • Will you feel comfortable asking them questions or voicing your concerns? 
  • **Depending on your legal matter, you could end up spending a substantial amount of time working together, so it’s important to choose someone you want to work with!**
By now you should have a pretty good idea who and what you should be looking for, but when in doubt, ask us! You’re welcome! 😊

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