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Consciously uncoupling?

(having a spirit of friendliness; without serious disagreement or rancor) 

An amicable divorce or separation, means a civil one - where both parties agree to spousal and child support, property division and guardianship of children. While it sounds friendly, it definitely does not mean that the former spouses are friends when it’s over.  What it DOES mean is that both parties don’t fight, and instead, enter an agreement reasonably without having to go to court.  

Amicable Doesn’t Mean It Won't Be Painful

Divorces cause pain, there is no way around it - and an amicable divorce is not painless, but there is a huge upside; fewer court visits, not as hard on the children, less legal costs and a much faster resolution. One surefire way to turn your divorce into a war zone is to hire a lawyer who is more like an attack dog than anything. A good lawyer will approach your case with all facts and considerations and will only proceed in your best interest.

In any divorce, a knowledgeable lawyer who has your best interests in mind is priceless. If you want a lawyer that can advocate for you, and be professional, go to

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