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Posting Guidelines

Who is Allowed to Post

Legal professionals in Canada and the USA who are one or more of the following:

  • Lawyers
  • Paralegals
  • Notaries
  • Process Servers
  • Court Agents

As well as the above, you must:

  • Be actively practicing
  • Be licensed to practice in your profession
  • Post as an individual or be authorized to post on behalf of an individual
  • Use an actively monitored email address
  • Stay subscribed to Lawggle's mailing system

Who is Not Allowed to Post

Lawggle will not list postings made by any of the following:

  • Minors (children under 19)
  • Personnel paid to leave an endorsement
  • Profiles listed in the name of a firm, company, organization, website, or any other business entity other than an individual, with the exception of Process Serving businesses
  • Anyone whose membership has been terminated due to the above mentioned forbidden conduct

What is Not Allowed

Under no circumstance will any of the following be tolerated on the Lawggle website:

  • Ethnically biased, homophobic or racist remarks
  • Criminal accusations against any member of Lawggle
  • Content/remarks/reviews that might be considered defamatory or blasphemous
  • Despiteful remarks against any specific firm or person

We have devised these rules with the sole purpose of promoting authentic postings that do not violate the rights of others.

All Lawggle members must abide by the above posting guidelines. Lawggle is entitled to delete or alter your web postings or advertisement content no matter what the cause.

We hereby encourage you to read our terms and policies and proceed with posting.