Marketing is not part of your job description.

We make new client connections for legal professionals, so you can spend less time worrying about marketing and more time increasing your client revenue!

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Increase your revenue
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Stop stressing about marketing
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Free up more of your time!

You Could be Reaching More People

Every year more lawyers enter the field, but the number of people looking for legal help stays the same. The competition for clients is fierce, and people find legal help in new ways. You've got to start doing things differently, too.

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Law School Doesn’t Teach Marketing

You’re probably great at being a lawyer, but are you great at marketing?

You don't need to be! We'll help you and your firm connect with a larger audience.

You Have Better Things to Do!

Is trying to market your self taking up all your time? A healthy work/life balance doesn't include time-wasting activities.

Let us do the extra work for you. You’ll get more billable hours into your workday and get more free time to do the things you love!

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BOOST Your Exposure

With Lawggle, reaching more people is easier than ever.

We help you stay in control of your reach and spending by letting you add scalable social media campaigns right from your desk anytime!

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Stop Wasting Money on Dead Leads

We're not like lead generation sites. We don't charge you extra fees for leads or make you compete against other members for the same client.

Your flat monthly membership fee includes access to all of your leads, and we pre-qualify them for you first.

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Increase Your Revenue

Spend less on marketing + reach more potential clients = more revenue!

We make it that simple.

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Get Better Returns with cost-efficient marketing that works!

Choosing the right client acquisition channel could be the most important thing you ever did for your self and your firm.
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Simplify Your Marketing with an
All-in-One Solution

We turn conversations into qualified leads by creating connections between you and potential clients.

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