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About Lawggle

Lawggle’s team of professionals understand the legal system, and we knew how difficult it could be to find the right lawyer when you need one. We also knew it didn’t have to be that way – that’s why we created Lawggle.

We want to make the process of finding legal help less intimidating by making lawyers more accessible to everyone.

We win when we help others win.

Our Values


We are big on connections! Connections shape our lives more than anything, and we believe this is also true when it comes to the quality of legal services!

When we match people with a legal pro, we not only consider who has the best qualifications, but also the one they'll have the best chemistry with.


When we created Lawggle, we pledged to provide the best possible service by always staying user-focused. We believe that putting users first serves our members best, too.

Connecting people with the right legal help for them will always be our first priority.


The way people find and connect with services has changed radically over the last 20 years.

We want to help lawyers and other legal professionals meet people where they're at now, and we continually evolve to ensure we always meet the needs of our members and users.


The legal space has traditionally been very… traditional. At Lawggle, we’re always brainstorming new, fun ideas to help us serve you better.

We might be a bit unconventional, but we still value professionalism. Who says we can’t be professional and casual while being fun? We say we can!