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Brand Protection Policy

Lawggle is an independently run online legal directory that values honesty, integrity, and legal brand protection. To ensure that no harm is done to its corporate reputation, we have designed some rules concerning our logo usage for all the member professionals:

I. Use of fake or misleading advertisements is strictly prohibited. In no situation are members allowed to use promotional content that is deceptive or comprised of fake or dishonest offers. We expect complete honesty and authenticity from all the participants.

II. Once you have officially registered on Lawggle, you are allowed to use our logo or member badge for your business purposes. You may display the logo on your business cards, printed material, uniforms, automobiles, etc. To get a copy of our logo, email us at

III. Once you have become a part of the Lawggle family, you may promote your business via print ads, radio or TV commercials/ advertisements.

IV. In case of membership termination due to whatsoever reason, you are required to immediately remove all Lawggle logos, membership badges and other company owned copyright materials you may have used for your business advertisements.

V. Lawggle has the legitimate right of reviewing your promotional content and radio/TV ads to ensure that they comply with company terms and conditions and advertisement policies. In case of any queries concerning advertisement policies and logo usage, feel free to write us at for further information.